White Pass & Yukon Route

Carcross - July 24, 1967 or . . .

"The train don't run by here no more . . ."

  The WP&Y Railroad ran from Whitehorse, Yukon to Skagway, Alaska. It was a narrow gauge railway that came into existence shortly after Klondike gold rush days. It was charged with carrying iron ore from the Anvil Mine at Faro to tidewater while I lived in the north. It also carried tourists through the scenic Chilkat Pass. This picture was taken during my first year up north. Carcross is a beautiful little village about 35 miles from Whitehorse. Its name is a contraction for "Cariboo Crossing". Unfortunately, while progress in the north often lagged that of the south, even at this early date, the WP&Y was dieselized. The railroad ceased service for several years but has now found new life as a tourist attraction. While it always carried tourists, it was primarily a "working railroad" while I lived in the north.

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