The Rosette Nebula Imaged from Nova Scotia, Fall, 2012





An HaRGB Image

Taking Camera SBIG ST-8300M Nova Scotia, Fall, 2012, mag 6.4 - Sensor @-25C
Imaging OTA Canon EF 300mm f2.8L
Equivalent focal length and ratio 300mm @f/2.8
Mount Losmandy G11 Gemini 2
Guiding PHD with SBIG STi and 100mm FL f/2.8 Guidescope
HaRGB total integration time at f/2.8-8hr35min Ha 19X10' and 1X15' - 3nm Astrodon Ha Filter, R 21X5', G 20X5', B20X5'- Astrodon E Series Filters-all unbinned
Calibration and Stacking Darks, Bias and Flat Frames - PinInsight
Processed PixInsight,Adobe Photoshop CS4







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