Blue Jays!

Ever-present, noisy, pushy and voracious consumers of seed . . . but still welcome for all that.





Every year, beginning in late summer, I am deluged with these guys. They are non-stop in emptying all my feeders, carrying the seed off and hiding it for the coming winter. The chickadees and nuthatches have to dart in and grab their small share in between take-offs and landings by these "wide body heavies."

In late fall, their visits taper off. While I have a few all year, they become quite scarce after the fall "blitz." Good thing too, if they mobbed me all year, it would be very expensive keeping them in seed.






Blindside! This poor guy has lost an eye. Despite the handicap he seemed quite normal and flew very well. There was no difficulty with landings.


Goodside! His crest is being ruffled by the wind.


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