Great Horned Owl & Fledgling

This pair was photographed on the grounds of Mount Allison University in Sackville, New Brunswick. The presence of the pair, high up in the pines on the campus was well known to all from the ruckus kicked up by crows mobbing the hapless owls as they roosted during the daylight hours. The crows were merciless! On one occasion I watched in amazement as a crow actually flew right into the mother's side, giving her a good thump! The owls took it all in stride. I guess it is a fact of life for them and they quickly appreciate they can not retaliate effectively. The crows are too much faster and more manoeverable.While still quite downy looking, the fledgling was certainly capable of flight but, wherever they went, the crows flocked after them hurling a steady stream of abuse and harrassment.

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