Northern Goshawk Pheasant Kill

I frequently have pheasants coming to my feeders in winter. One morning in January of 1998, I glanced out the windows in my side door and noticed two cock pheasants eating sunflower seeds. I gave it no thought as it is a common enough sight for me. Not two minutes later I looked out again to see THIS sight . . . now, this is NOT common for me, not common AT ALL!

The hawk stayed all day . . . he left at dusk. He returned again the next morning for a couple of hours to finish up his meal of pheasant.

While it was a thrill to see him, I do not want him to return and gobble up more of "my" pheasants.

Only a few days previous to this, I sat at my computer when a HUGE shape glided past my window not 10 feet away. I was astonished to see a barred owl grab one of my all-too-many squirrels and make off with him. I looked the owl right in the eye at about 15 feet distance. The whole thing only lasted 10 seconds or so. I have lots of squirrels but he has not seen fit to return. I would love to see him again. Maybe he will stay long enough for pictures next time?

Photographer's Note: Nikon F2, 400mm Carsen F/5.9, 1/30 sec, Kodak Gold 100, shot through a windowpane and in light snow. Hawk was 40 feet distant.

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