Young Family at Gettysburg

While walking along the Emmittsburg Road I noticed the third national flag of the Confederacy in the distance off towards the Virginia Monument. As it came closer I saw that it was carried by the father of a young family. Their trek carried them from Seminary Ridge to "The Angle" on Cemetery Ridge. This path followed closely the left flank of Pickett's and right flank of Pettigrew's divisions that fateful day of Pickett's Charge in the hot afternoon of July 3, 1863. Known as "The High Watermark of The Confederacy," Pickett's Charge marked one of the great turning points in the American Civil War.

I was immensely curious as to what was being discussed amongst this young family as they followed in Pickett's footsteps. Who were they? What were they telling their children about this pivotal point in American history? Were they "partisan" Southerners "bad-mouthing" the blasted Yankees or was there a balance, an understanding of the great tragedy this war was for America? Of course, it was none of my business.

"Walking The Ground"

September, 1997

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