The Field of Antares

Pictured in LRGB are the gas clouds located in the direction of the red supergiant star Antares, known as the "Heart of The Scorpion."

Taking Camera SBIG ST-8300M Chiefland, FL, Mar 21&26,2012 ~mag 6 - no moon @-20 and-25C
Imaging OTA Canon EF 180mm f3.5
Equivalent focal length and ratio 180mm f3.5
Mount Losmandy G11 Gemini 2
Guiding PHD with SSAG and 80mm/f5.0 Guidescope
LRGB 21X2'ea R,G&B, all unbinned-Astrodon E Series Filters
Calibration and Stacking Darks, and Bias Frames, No Flats - PixInsight
Processed PixInsight and Adobe Photoshop CS4.

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