Andersonville - 2005

 Of all Civil War Prisons, none was so infamous as this one, located in southern Georgia. It was in existence for only 14 months. During that time a total of 45,000 soldiers were imprisoned within its small confines. Nearly 13,000 of these souls died outright of neglect, malnutrition, disease and exposure. 


Wisconsin Monument by the "Deadline" -  Erected in Memory to Her 378 Sons Known to Have Died Here. 

The "Deadline" was  marked by a low rail fence inside the stockade. If a prisoner crossed the deadline for any reason, he was liable to be summarily shot on the spot.



Overall Field of The Stockade - It was not large.



Reconstruction of How It Was - "Shebangs," near "The Deadline" fence. 

The only shelter the prisoners had was what they could make for themselves.

What it really looked like - 1864



Just One Field of Graves (of so very many!)



In the foreground - Buried apart with dishonor - Six "Raiders" who preyed upon their own and met justice meted out by a court of their fellow prisoners.


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