Virginia Monument at Dawn

Gettysburg, 1997

The Virgina Monument sits atop Seminary Ridge. The bugler and infantryman at the base of the monument face into the rising sun toward the Union position on Cemetery Ridge not quite a mile away.



"Virginia to her Sons at Gettysburg"

Constructing this, perhaps the most impressive of many impressive monuments at Gettysburg was carried out over several years. The groundbreaking ceremony took place on May 6, 1912, 47 years after the battle. It was dedicated June 8, 1917 and was unveiled that day by Anne Carter Lee, a granddaughter of General Lee.The mounted figure atop the pedestal is, of course, of Lee on Traveler. He looks out over the fields traversed by Pickett's and Pettigrew's divisions during the great Confederate assault of July 3, 1863.

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