Sackville Waterfowl Park 1998

New Brunswick, Canada

Sora! Sora! Sora!

(with apologies for parodying a Japanese war cry)

Sora rails are little marsh birds that are far, far oftener heard than seen. They have a distinct "whinny" call that, once heard and recognized, is unlikely to ever be forgotten. While neither of these are great photos, just SEEING a sora is a great triumph. They are very elusive birds and spend their time well-hidden walking about in the deep cover afforded by the marsh vegetation. I was thrilled to get these pictures, such as they are. Some lucky day I will do better . . . at least such is my fond hope.


A Sora Rail but, RATS! He was too fast for me.






Better, but he's really too far away. This was a different Sora than the one in the previous picture.




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