"Mt. Logan 19,850 Feet"- August, 1968

The Highest Point in Canada

This mountain, despite its fame as Canada's highest is not seen by many. It is largely inaccessible even to the eye, hidden from civilization by high mountains in all directions. Mt. Logan, as you can see is not only high, but long. Some insist it would more properly be called the "Logan Massif" rather than a single "Mt." This is taken from a Helio Courier single engine aircraft as I flew into the Saint Elias Mountains on a "familiarization flight" in my duties as a weather forecaster in The Yukon. The mountain is still several tens of miles away in this cockpit view.

Incidentally, the aircraft was operated by the Arctic Institute of North America and the pilot, who has my gratitude to this day for permitting me to accompany him on this flight, was Phil Upton. Arrangement for the flight was made by my boss, Officer-In-Charge of the Whitehorse Weather Office, Herb Wahl.

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