Canadian Pacific H1C #2828

The following information on CP #2828 is extracted from Canadian Pacific Steam Locomotives by Omer Lavallée, Railfare Enterprises Ltd.,Toronto, 1985:

Built October, 1937 by The Locomotive Machine Company of Montreal, later known as The Montreal Locomotive Works.

Cylinder Size: 22" X 30", Diameter of Drivers: 75", Scrapped: October, 1958

These photos were taken at Montreal West station. We loved to go there and watch the trains. The CP employees were pretty good but sometimes we got on their nerves and occasionally, I think they feared we might get stupid and be run over. The young boy looking down at the leading truck is your photographer, approximately 12 years of age. The picture was taken by "best friend" Barry. (These were the "good 'ole days")

Montreal West CPR Station, ca. 1956

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