Canadian Pacific #1800

I first saw #1800 pretty much as you see it in the picture. It was in service pulling the magnificent transcontinental "Canadian" with a consist of heavy- weight stainless steel coaches. It was a magnificent sight as it coasted to a halt at Montreal West, that is if you are a trainwatcher. Approximately 6 years later it was, at least occasionally, demoted to service hauling commuters along the west island Montreal route. It took me to school at least once. :>) It also saw service hauling the Atlantic Limited between Toronto and Halifax.

I wish I had taken better pictures of it but, hey!, film for that Brownie Hawkeye seemed pretty expensive. At least I managed to hang onto this picture after all these years . . .

The following information on #1800 is courtesy Peter Gough of New Brunswick. Peter had the priviledge of riding in 1800's cab. Me? Well it hauled me to school :

Model E8Au built by GM EMD in 1949, HP 2500, CTE 27000, Wheels A1A-A1A
Weight 330500 lbs, Speed 85 mph, CP
Class GPA-25a, Renumbered by VIA to #1898

Montreal West CPR Station, ca. 1956

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