NGC 6744 - Spiral Galaxy in Pavo

Imaged from Australia, using, July21&22, 2017







Altitude at culmination 57
Minimum Airmass Value (sec z) 1.2
Mean FWHM 3.0 arc-s
Taking Camera FLI PL09000 Siding Spring, Australia, July 21&22, 2017, @-25C
Imaging OTA Planewave CDK700
Equivalent focal length and ratio 4531mm @ f/6.6
Mount Integral Planewave AltAz
Guiding Unguided
LRGB Total Integration Time 2hrs L20x3 min Binned 1X1, RGB 10X1min ea. Binned 2X2 Astrodon E series Filters.
Calibration and Stacking and PixInsight
Processed PixInsight, Adobe Photoshop CS4 and


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